Casual Friday


It’s Friday!

Even though I love my job and actually enjoy going to work, there is something about the anticipation of the weekend that makes Fridays feel extra special.  Plus… who doesn’t love not having to set an alarm clock?

I’m using the opportunity of “Friday” to be a little casual and write about things that I have seen around the web this week that I couldn’t go without sharing!

  • The collaboration between this lady and Park Studio on her new hardware line is incredible. I can’t wait for an opportunity to use something from the line on a project.
  • While everyone is talking about Stranger Things 2 (trust me… I’ll watch it soon!) I’ve started watching Alias Grace. You have to have a bit of a stomach to watch it, but if you can get through it, it’s very well worth it. I’m into any kind of “true crime” lately, and this Margaret Atwood novel interpretation is spot on.
  • The first bloggers I ever followed have been renovating a beach house and are working on the kitchen (with a pink stove, mind you)!
  • The anticipation of this reveal has me at the edge of my seat.
  • My friend made a version of this for me (before this recipe was posted) and it was so yummy that I had to make it for myself. Then I saw this crockpot version of the recipe and knew I had to share, especially because Chungah can do no wrong in the kitchen!

This week was full of excitement with launching this blog and I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to stop by, comment, and engage with me on this new platform! I would love to hear from you… what kind of content would you like to see here?

As a thank you for joining me as I get this blog up and running, I’m giving away a $5 Starbucks e-gift card to the first 2 commenters on each of my posts this week. So don’t be shy… say hello!

4 thoughts on “Casual Friday”

  1. I enjoy reading your posts! It’s almost like I get to talk to you everyday.

    I have to admit…I started watching Stranger Things Season One. I know I’m late! lol

    1. Awe! I wish we could talk everyday!. I miss you… next time we catch up you have to tell me what you think of Stranger Things… Ha!

  2. Playing catch up on your posts from the past week. Loving all of them! And it made me so happy to see the chili reference! 🙂

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