A Neutral Bedroom | The Plan

This gorgeous neutral bedroom is by Danielle Moss. Her entire Chicago condo is a huge inspiration for me. She knows how to mix modern and traditional in a way that creates interest and just really works. Go check out her blog!

We’ve been settled into our new apartment for about 6 months now (which is just crazy to me… 2017 has been the fastest year of my life!), and I feel like it’s finally time to get our bedroom finalized.

We’ve already purchased this bed from the post last week. It was not the most expensive one on the list because we’re still in an apartment and don’t want to invest too much in something that won’t work for us long term. That being said, for the price I’m 100% happy with the quality. Getting a bed has made me feel like an adult… forget the 401K, it’s all about the bed!

Next steps are going to include just about everything else. Functionally we need side tables, and aesthetically we need art, new throw pillows, and potentially a rug. I am also considering purchasing a new dresser, because the one we have feels a little too large for the room.

Everything showing here is a tentative plan… I’m still working through the details, and I can’t wait to see how it comes together! Anyone else doing some work around the home? I would love to hear about your plans!


1 Minted Pushed Limited Edition Art | 2 Minted Daze Art | 3 Minted Pines Art | 4 Structube Clancy Bed | 5 World Market Brass Nook Pivot Wall Sconce | 6 AllModern Lansdown Side Table | 7 Loloi Journey Rug | 8 Danielle Oakey Shop Pom Throw | 9 Target Decorative Brass Mirror | 10 Wayfair Gravity Dresser | 11 Ikea Pillows | 12 Etsy Lalet Design Velvet Pillows


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    1. They are SO good. The one concern I have in our space is the size… but I think they would work GREAT in your master!

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