3 Dreamy Dining Rooms (and how to make them a reality!)

With Thanksgiving coming up quick, I’ve had dining rooms on the brain! We live in a cozy one-bedroom apartment that actually does have a dining nook carved out, but it’s currently functioning as my office space, which right now is a priority for us.

All that being said, of course, I still dream of a day when I can have my entire family or my friends sitting around a big dining room table to enjoy each other’s company for a meal (even if that meal is on a random Tuesday night and not a “special” occasion). There is just something about a dining room that really makes a house feel like a home… especially when it’s as lovely as these rooms! I’d happily transfer any of them into my future space.

First up is a beautiful rustic dining room with modern touches. I love how bright and beachy this space feels! The trick here is mixing woods effectively, which Caroline and Anna did really well.

Design by Caroline Kilmartin & Anna Rytka. Photo by Dustylu.


Dining Rooms

Light | Chair | Art | Rug | Table


Next is Diana’s (from 204 Park) eclectic mid-century modern space. The contrast of the rug against the dark walls really makes this room pop!

204 Park Dining Room
Design by 204 Park. Photo by Tracey Jazmin.

Dining Rooms 2

Light | Chair | Table | Rug | Plant


Finally, we have the “California cool” style of this lovely room by Amber Interiors. This space has the perfect mix of colors, textures, and metals.

Amber Interiors Dining Room
Design by Amber Interiors

Dining Rooms 3.jpg

Light | Chair | Table | Rug | Vase


Which one is your favorite? Anyone getting ready to host a big Thanksgiving dinner (or late lunch, in my family’s case)?


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