A Rental Bathroom Refresh (in Preparation for Guests)

How is Thanksgiving this week? The holidays have totally snuck up on me this year. The days have been flying by, and I am starting to wonder how I’m going to have time to Christmas shop…

With the holidays coming up, I’ve been thinking a lot about our home and what needs to be done to welcome our guests. We will have family visiting for New Year’s, and with only one bathroom, we need the space to work well for multiple people.

Because we live in an apartment, the changes we can make to the room are limited, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add some functional elements and dress up the aesthetics a bit! Currently we only have a single towel bar, and while that works fine for just the two of us, we are definitely going to need more hanging space for our guests. After exploring the idea of buying towel racks and hooks that we would have to secure to the wall, I started to get concerned about damaging our rental’s walls. The alternative? A towel ladder that provides all the function of a towel rack, without putting our security deposit at risk.

In addition to providing a new towel rack, I would love to invest in some new turkish towels. We’ve used the heck out of our towels and I think it would be great to have some nice, new fresh ones for our guests to use (bonus – they’re pretty, too)!

Storage space in this room is limited, so new canisters are essential (for stashing those items that everyone seems to forget, like cotton swabs and extra toiletries). These pretty black ones from CB2 are nice enough to leave out on the counter, providing easy access for guests. The Serena and Lily stools are an extra surface to place your jewelry/glasses while you hop in the shower.

Finally, the shower curtain, rug, and hand soap add a little interest in a room with totally neutral, plain-jane tile (plus, that hand soap smells AMAZING).


1 Target Shower Curtain | 2 Wayfair Towel Ladder | 3 CB2 Rubber Coated Black Canister | 4 Etsy Vintage Rug Boutique Bath Mat | 5 Serena & Lily Dip Dyed Stools | 6 Mcgee & Co Murchison-Hume Hand Soap | 7 Serena & Lily Fouta Beach Towel

Please tell me I’m not the only one scrambling to get prepared… Are you doing any updates before guests arrive in your home? 



2 thoughts on “A Rental Bathroom Refresh (in Preparation for Guests)”

  1. I love everything in this post!! Over the summer we bought from some Turkish towels..wait for it…from Walmart. They were actually really cute and very affordable.

    1. Oh my gosh! Wal-Mart? I love that… now I need to find out where a Wal-Mart is near me.

      P.S. I can totally hear you saying this! Ha!

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