A Remi-Approved Guide for Decorating with Dogs


Anyone that knows my husband and me personally knows that our dog, Remi, is a top priority in our life.

I’m incredibly passionate about animal rescue, and Remi is the manifestation of that passion in physical form. His sweet little face and goofy mannerisms make us laugh daily and can change my entire outlook on a seemingly bad day.

He would also easily take the gold if snuggling were an Olympic sport. When we first got him, I insisted that he was not going to be allowed on the couch or the bed. We were going to have nice things, and our well-behaved perfect dog would not disrupt that!

Luckily I was totally wrong about that, otherwise I would have missed out on the best snuggles ever. One of the first things he did when we got him home was jump right up on the couch, and I definitely overestimated my ability to say no to that face. So I defaulted to Plan B – Design our home to accommodate all of our family members, including the four-legged ones.

It’s taken some trial and error, but I’ve figured out how to make our space work for us in a way that is totally Remi-approved. In fact, he’s happily sleeping next to me on the couch right now.

Step 1 – Get a comfortable, slip covered sofa. I tell my friends all the time that I will probably never be able to own a traditionally upholstered sofa again. Once you see the grime that builds up on your slip covers (and how much better they look after a scrub in the washing machine), it’s hard to not imagine all of the potential gunk on every sofa that can’t be washed. And it’s not just grime because of Remi… believe it or not, the husband and I can be culprits, too! Maybe we are just gross, but between food spills, dirty clothes, and muddy paws, the ability to “wash” our sofa is now non-negotiable for future purchases.


1 Crate and Barrel Harborside Sofa| 2 Ikea Farlov Sofa |  Wayfair Montgomery | West Elm Antwerp Sofa | 5 Z Gallerie Theodore Sofa

Step 2 – Carve out space for the “pet” stuff so it doesn’t have to sit out all the time, and take the opportunity to decorate with cute food and water dishes! I’m a firm believer that you should hide away what you can, and work with what you can’t.

Step 3 – Consider an automatic vacuum. I will admit, we haven’t taken the plunge on this one yet, but I hear great things from people moms and pet moms alike! Shedding is inevitable, even with a hypoallergenic breed, and let’s be honest – when you’re looking to adopt a new family member, you can’t always control which pet you’ll fall in love with. An automatic vacuum will help you live in harmony with your pet, no matter what the fur situation looks like. I hear some of them even mop now, too. Sign me up!

Step 4 – Invest in lots of cute, but inexpensive, blankets. Even though we can wash our sofa, we still only let Remi sit on the sofa or our bed if he is on a blanket. This helps stretch out the time between slip cover washes (we just wash the blankets instead) and gives us the ability to just remove the blankets when friends or family come over, leaving a clean spot on the sofa for guests to sit (that isn’t covered in dog hair)!


H&M Soft Throw | 2 Ikea Vassad Throw | 3 Wayfair Brielle Mohair Throw | 4 Target Super Soft Throw

Step 5 – White sheets, bedding, and towels (like the fancy hotel you stayed in that one time) because they can be bleached! No matter what mess your pet drags in, it will be sanitized and bright looking. And bonus – it’s easy to layer all kinds of accents on top of white bedding which gives you the ability to switch things out if you get tired of a certain look.

What tricks do you have for decorating with pets? Anyone have any tips for cats? Spill!

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  1. These are all great tips! We struggle with pillows – Daphne is generally pretty well behaved, but she grabs pillows when she wants attention, and there have been more than a few casualties…
    I’m considering stocking up on some new ones from H&M or IKEA, but I have trouble picking good pattern and color combos. New post idea?

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