Modern Fireplace Inspiration

This past weekend was AH-MAH-ZING, ya’ll!

It snowed here in Atlanta, and it provided so much joy for this Floridian. We basically didn’t drive anywhere (because driving on icy roads in a city that is not equipped to deal with ice is scary). So instead we stayed in and watched Christmas movies with the snow falling gently outside. And then on Saturday we woke up early and made our way out into the winter wonderland by taking a walk through the park in our neighborhood. Everyone was out and about enjoying the snow, and it was so fun to watch all the local families out sledding and building snowmen. Considering all of the terrible things going on the in world, it was refreshing to see people enjoying life and living in the moment.

The snow made everything feel all cozy and lovely, but I did feel like something was missing from our experience: a fireplace. My husband will tell you that a fireplace is a non-negotiable for me when we purchase a home. Because I’m an interior designer, I’m not scared away by much, but I will happily turn down a beautifully renovated house in our budget if it doesn’t have a fireplace. There is just something about being able to have a fire during those winter months that makes a place feel so homey and cozy… and I can’t think of anything else that gives that same effect.

These are the ones that are keeping me mentally warm and cozy until a can get the real thing…


Design by Studio McGee
Image via Residence Magazine. Design by Alexandra Ogonowski and photo by Kristofer Johnsson.


Image via Design Sponge. Photography by Maxwell Tielman.


Design by Golden. Photo by Brooke Holm.


Design and image via Sarah Gibs from Room for Tuesday.
Design by Desselle & Partners.


Design by Natalie Myers of Veneer Design. Photo by Amy Bartlam.
Design by Amber Interiors. Photo by Tessa Neustadt.

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