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Art by a family member… my favorite kind of original art!

In the spirit of being completely transparent, J and I don’t have a ton of art on our walls. I tend to take a more minimal approach when hanging things for a variety of reasons, the first being that we are still doing the apartment living thing and I don’t want to put tons of holes in the walls. But there is more to that story… because I do believe in making any place (even temporary ones) feel like home.

We don’t have a whole lot of art on our walls because I believe that art is really personal. I also think it can totally make or break a room. Over the years, I’ve attempted purchasing art at places like Target or Homegoods, but I always end up returning it because while I might love the image (or painting, or drawing, or colors, etc), if I don’t feel really connected to it, I know that I will tire of it quickly.

Pretty much all of the art in our home right now is things that were made by family. My grandparents were artists, and so I’m lucky to have several originals to display that I love. I would like to add to our collection, though, and so I’ve been researching places where I would consider purchasing something. Again, full disclosure, not all of these sources are what I would consider super affordable, but I feel like something you connect with can be worth the money if you are able to afford it responsibly.

Image via Tywla. Art is Broken Shield by Lauren Seiden.

First up is Twyla. I love this site because they have a smaller, curated selection that won’t overwhelm you, but still has enough variety for you to find a few things you like. They also have this great program where you can try out a piece for $30 (which is a steal if you are seriously considering purchasing a piece of art of that is upwards of $500. Twyla also offers frames and professional installation for those that appreciate the extra help!

Image via ArtLifting. Art is Self Portrait and Untitled 34 by Scott Benner.

ArtLifting is maybe one of my favorite picks, not just because of the work, but because of the mission, too! All of the art on ArtLifting is created by homeless or disabled artists. The sale of the art goes back to support and empower these artists. It’s a cause I 100% believe in, and the art is absolutely incredible. There is a specific print from ArtLifting that I have been eyeing for a while… The artist is a young man that uses his wheelchair as a tool to make his art, and I love everything about the aesthetic of the piece of the story of how it’s made.

Image via ArtFinder. Art is Abstract Darkroom Print, Black and White by Daniel Gregorys

What I love about ArtFinder is the sheer quantity of options. They feature of 10,000 independent artists and allow you to filter by pretty much any category  you can think of to find what you are looking for. And if that overwhelms you, they offer a personal shopping service to anyone with a $500+ budget… not bad if you are serious about getting some art you love.

Image via Minted. Art is Pushed by Mande.

Minted is probably the most affordable source on this list. They offer prints in various sizes, both framed and unframed. What I love about this is that you get the look and feel of an original, without the price tag. And if you love something enough to purchase an original,  they offer the option of commissioned, original art. Starting at only $75, you can work with an artist using another piece an inspiration, or you can get something from scratch!

Have you ever splurged on original artwork? Ever buy from any of these sources? I would love to hear about your experience!

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