How the design of your home can help you reach your goals


How are those New Year’s resolutions going?

Are you still going strong, or have you already thrown in the towel? Statistics show that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions are kaput by February. That’s only 31 days in, folks!

Now, I’m not shaming anyone for not reaching their goals… I’ve been there myself more times that I would like to admit. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your day to day and lose sight of why you got started in the first place.

One thing I’ve learned, though, is that my attitude, feelings, and mindset are really easily influenced by my environment. It seems logical that a person with degrees in architecture and interior design would feel this way (can anybody say Environmental Psychology 101?), but the impact is really driven home when you feel the effects on your own personal life.

Knowing that my mindset (and likely yours, too, because you’re human!) is affected by what’s around you, I thought it would be helpful to explore how you can set up your space to change your attitude and help you reach your goals! This list is not exhaustive… it includes just a few of the most common New Year’s Resolutions, but the idea remains the same no matter what your goals are. Use your space to help you focus on what matters!

Lose Weight | Get Fit | Be Healthier | Exercise More

These are probably some of the most common categories of resolutions there are. Luckily, these are also some of the easiest goals to plan for in the design of your home! Want to get to your morning workout more regularly? Make your bedside a hub for your gear. Put your shoes by your bed and reserve the drawer in your nightstand for your workout clothes. When you wake up (and want to hit the snooze button) you’ll know that it won’t take too long (or too much brain power) to get yourself up and dressed to get out the door. Keep fruit handy in a pretty bowl in your kitchen – looks great and is a quick breakfast when you are headed to your AM yoga class. Prefer working out at home? Make a space for exercise in your living room. Pick furniture pieces that are either easy to move out of the way when you’re ready to do your online kickboxing class, or keep it simple and make just enough space to do crunches or squats during your commercial breaks. Clear some storage in your TV cabinet or cute basket for your hand weights and your yoga matt.

What if your workout game is already strong, but you just want to eat healthier? A great place to start is buy organizing your pantry and fridge. Invest in pretty food containers for your healthy snacks, and put them front and center so you have no excuses! Same goes for the fridge – give it a deep clean and make sure that the fruits and veggies are the first thing you see. Finally, clear the clutter from the kitchen and keep your countertops free of snacks or supplies. The fewer things you have in your way, the more likely you are to cook a healthy meal instead of calling out for takeout.

Save Money

My biggest tip for saving more money is to get your home clean and organized! It’s so easy to spend too much on food/clothes/beauty supplies/toilet paper/phone chargers/tupperware (you name it!) if you can’t find what you already have.

There are other ways that having an organized home may save you money. If you organize you kitchen and pantry (see above!), you may be more encouraged to cook at home instead of blowing money on take out. Maybe you’ll find that collection of nail polish that you forgot you had and decide not to go out and get your nails done. Or maybe you’ll discover that when your home is nice and clean, entertaining your friends at home is more appealing than going out.

Bonus: You might find, once you clear all the clutter, that you actually need less space. Maybe that is living space (cheaper rent, anyone?) or maybe it’s storage space that you’re paying for in addition to rent or a mortgage.

Decrease Stress | Better Time Management | Get More Sleep

You have a demanding schedule – career, kids, social obligations. How can your home help you better manage all of these stressors? For starters, your bedroom should be a retreat, not another source of stress. I feel like one of the most ignored spaces in the home is the master bedroom. Take the time to pick out a duvet and sheets you love for both aesthetics and how they feel. Nice bedding is an incentive to make the bed, and making the bed has been correlated with better sleep and more overall happiness. Invest in the furniture and feel of the space so that you enjoy spending time there and look forward to retiring to your room (hopefully early and as part of a routine!) at the end of the day.

Other areas of the home that can help with these goals? The bathroom and the closet. Keeping these spaces organized and clean (a huge step towards keeping them looking nice) can make it easier to find an outfit in the morning and easier to unwind in a bath at night (if that is your thing). I keep saying it… but I will say it again, your space can either facilitate the life you want to live or completely hinder it.

Learn Something New | Spend Less Time on Technology

How many people have a TV in their main living space? How many people use their phone as an alarm clock? I’m guilty of both… I’m also guilty of spending too much time on my phone and watching TV, and too little time focusing on continuing to learn to paint. An easy way to combat this is to get the technology out of the spaces where you spend the most time. Invest in an alarm clock so instead of browsing Instagram before bed you can focus on making a dent in your reading list. Or maybe you need to make the focal point of your living room something besides your TV so you are more inclined to practice your guitar or pick up a paintbrush. Simple adjustments to the layout of your space can go a long way!

Anyone going to try any tips like this in their own home? Anyone have any other ways they are using the design of their space to help them reach their goals? Please share! I love to hear success stories. I firmly believe that design changes lives and these ideas are perfect examples of that belief.

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