New House, New Aesthetic

We are OFFICIALLY home owners!

That is such a huge accomplishment to say, considering we jumped through what seems like a thousand hoops to get here. The house we purchased was owned by a bank, and nothing about our process was normal. Throw in the Ransomware attack on the City of Atlanta right before we were supposed to close, and you get an all out nightmare. Luckily we have made it to the other side and finally have a set of keys! We began the mini-renovation process (starting with lots of paint!) this weekend, and I am exhausted but so excited for what is to come.

Ever since we were 99.9% sure that we were moving forward on this house, I began collecting inspiration images on both Pinterest and Instagram. The saved images thus far definitely have a common “look and feel” to them, and it’s completely driving the direction for the design aesthetic.

Since I work in commercial design, and went to both architecture and interior design school, I have a special place in my heart for modern furniture and contemporary design. That being said, I’m finding myself being drawn to some more traditional elements lately, mixed in with some modern for contrast. The house has some great architectural detail (despite the fact that it’s newer construction), so I feel like this mixture will suit the home well.

I’m also feeling like I’m into some moodier colors lately. I don’t know if it’s because the weather is still so cold (where are you spring?) or if it’s just a desire to make our home feel cozy and comfortable for all the guests we hope to host (hallelujah for having a couple of guest bedrooms!), but either way, I’m being pulled that direction.

I’m interested to see how this palette continues to evolve over the next few weeks… We’ve got paint on the walls and seeing it all in person changes everything! So, what do you think?


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