Budget Friendly Flush-Mounts (that look nice, too!)

I have some serious questions.

Why would anyone be compelled to put a light fixture that looks like a boob (or any other body part, really?) in their home? Why would anyone put nine (you read that correctly – nine!) of these in their home? Now, I completely understand that budget is a concern. I’m the queen of budgeting (just ask my husband), but these “boob” fixtures aren’t even all that inexpensive. In fact, they have some really pricey options!

Needless to say, I want to replace Every. Last. One.

So I’ve been on the hunt for budget friendly flush mount lighting that looks nice without making me want to cry when I look at our bank account (I did say nine). Remarkably, there are some options out there. There are two main locations I want to purchase some fixtures for right away: three downstairs where we have the tallest ceilings, and three upstairs where we have a little less ceiling height. The other three are located in a closet, in the master (part of the ceiling fan), and in the guest bath.

Scale is important, so for downstairs I’ve been looking for something with a little more height. For upstairs, I need something minimal and relatively flat. I’ve rounded up some options below that I’ve considered for both areas! Which is your favorite?


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