The Sofa Hunt

J wanted me to title this “The Hunt for the Red Hot Sofa.” I told him that only worked if the sofa we were hunting for was actually red. Hint – It’s not.

While I do know the sofa isn’t going to be red, I’m not exactly sure what color it’s going to be yet. The jury is still out on that one. I do know that most of my plans for the house this year have been pushed back and derailed slightly due to a few unexpected bumps in the road.

That also means that (embarrassingly) that we are just now getting the powder room reno really going this weekend. The wallpaper removal has been a nightmare – I swear it’s like they didn’t use glue on three of the walls and then put all the rest of the glue on the last one, and it will never come down. Up until last night, I had debated ripping out drywall… Dramatic? Maybe.

Because I was often taking extended breaks from the frustration of removing wallpaper, I used that time to search for our new sofa.

There are so many options out there, friends. And let me tell you, the good ones are NOT cheap. That means that this decision is weighing extra heavy on me – I don’t want to pick the wrong thing and then regret it for any reason, be that durability, comfort, look, or scale!

So, knowing all of those factors, these are the criteria I am using for my hunt:

  1. Must be a deep seat that allows for lounging. We only have one living space in our house, so this sofa will serve as our Friday-night Netflix binge spot and Sunday afternoon nap spot 90% of the time. I know that super deep is not great for entertaining in a more formal setting, but let’s be real, when our friends and family come over we typically all lounge together anyway. We just aren’t formal people.
  2. Must have a classic enough look to stand the test of time. We are certainly not made of money and I can’t change my mind about aesthetic in two years and buy a new one. This is definitely an investment piece! I’m going to let the accent chairs bring in the modern (and dare I say, trendy?) flair that I’m looking for. They are easier to replace if I get sick of them.
  3. Slipcovered… or at least zip off covers. I’ve said it before on this space, and I will say it again – I’ve seen the dirt accumulation on our current slipcovered Ikea sofa (that we wash regularly) and I will never be unable to see it. Upholstery gets GROSS, so the ability to wash it (even if it’s having it dry cleaned every so often) is important to me!
  4. Must have an option for a bench seat (Maximum of two cushions, but preferably just one)! Our current sofa has three cushions and I’m constantly trying to fix them. It makes me crazier than I already am, and no one wants to see that! Hopefully a sofa with one, larger cushion will stay in place better, and no one will fall into the crack between the cushions when we are trying to sit multiple people on the sofa at once.

I have so many inspiration images saved for living rooms, and I’ve noticed that most of them have sofas that are basically the perfect combo of all of the above traits – Interesting how form and function are really aligned for me here!

Design via the always incredible Amber Interiors.

I love these identical sofas facing each other. This layout is what I imagined for our living room the first time we toured our house. You can see here that these sofas are extra deep for lounging and have really pretty classic lines (with a skirt!).

Jon and I were in a Room and Board about 6 months ago and saw the most amazing sofa that was somewhere between an army and an olive green. I was completely obsessed with it (especially considering I had already picked out a similar color tile from Fireclay for our fireplace). I’ve been smitten with the idea ever since… That’s why I love this sofa in Katie Hackworth’s home. Something about the green chaise with the bench seat just gets me. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to commit to the color long term, but I figure if I can tile the fireplace in that color, surely I could deal with the sofa? We’ll see…

Design via my latest design crush, Katie Hodges.

Again with the identical sofas… I’m sensing a trend here in my preferences maybe? Ha! These have the perfect bench seat – I bet they are GREAT for napping.

Design via Studio McGee

This leather beauty is from Studio McGee. While I probably can’t afford leather, I can still dream! Besides the fact that it’s made from a buttery soft hide, I also really like the lines of this sofa. Shouldn’t be too surprising considering that it has a similar aesthetic to all of the others I’m drawn to – classic (but clean!) lines and a lovely bench seat.

I still haven’t completely decided, but I have a really great list of options in the running. All of them have a bench seat option or two larger cushions, are extra deep, have zip off covers (and a few are even fully slipcovered!), and most of them come in multiple fabric offerings. They all also can be a sofa OR a sectional, which is great for me because I’m still trying to decide what layout I want for the living room (more on that whole saga later)!

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So… of these options, which one would you pick?

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