Welcome to Schafer Rea Studio, a blog about interiors, art, and design.

I’m a full-time interior designer by day, and now, a blogger by night. I’m also a wife, a dog mom, a (big) fan of Law and Order SVU and House Hunters, an amateur painter, a compulsive list-maker, and a total slob in the kitchen (just ask my husband)!

My parents built the home I grew up in when I was a kid, and even then I was providing direction on the floor plan (that was actually implemented, hilariously enough). That affinity for spatial thinking led to a degree in architecture that was close… but not quite right for me. Eventually I discovered interiors, which combined my love for art and expression with my fascination with psychology.

And that is exactly how I would describe interior design… the intersection of art, psychology, and creative problem solving.

At my job I deal with interesting challenges every day, from developing a finish palette, to showing a code official that I’ve designed a space that will allow everyone to exit safely in the event of a fire. I get to design things daily that not only look good, but fulfill a functional need that can transform a person’s business, experience, or life.

This blog is a space for me to share inspiration and be inspired, brainstorm, connect with others, and continue to explore all the things I’m passionate about. I would love to connect with you. Head over to my contact page to say hello!