Happy Holidays (and back to our regularly scheduled programming)!


Happy Monday, friends! Hope everyone is easing back into the work week after Thanksgiving. We’re one day down, and only four more to go!

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful… We got quality, uninterrupted time with our families and I was able to completely disconnect from social media.

Now that we are home, I’m propped up on the couch watching White Christmas (with the stockings hung and the Christmas tree lit) and getting myself into the Christmas spirit. I have a sleeping pup next to me and a husband on his way home with some egg nog.

I’m looking forward to getting back to this blog’s regularly scheduled programming starting tomorrow with a few design posts (some holiday related, some not).

I hope you all have a wonderful week and are enjoying the beginning of the holidays as much as I am!

A Rental Bathroom Refresh (in Preparation for Guests)

How is Thanksgiving this week? The holidays have totally snuck up on me this year. The days have been flying by, and I am starting to wonder how I’m going to have time to Christmas shop…

With the holidays coming up, I’ve been thinking a lot about our home and what needs to be done to welcome our guests. We will have family visiting for New Year’s, and with only one bathroom, we need the space to work well for multiple people.

Because we live in an apartment, the changes we can make to the room are limited, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add some functional elements and dress up the aesthetics a bit! Currently we only have a single towel bar, and while that works fine for just the two of us, we are definitely going to need more hanging space for our guests. After exploring the idea of buying towel racks and hooks that we would have to secure to the wall, I started to get concerned about damaging our rental’s walls. The alternative? A towel ladder that provides all the function of a towel rack, without putting our security deposit at risk.

In addition to providing a new towel rack, I would love to invest in some new turkish towels. We’ve used the heck out of our towels and I think it would be great to have some nice, new fresh ones for our guests to use (bonus – they’re pretty, too)!

Storage space in this room is limited, so new canisters are essential (for stashing those items that everyone seems to forget, like cotton swabs and extra toiletries). These pretty black ones from CB2 are nice enough to leave out on the counter, providing easy access for guests. The Serena and Lily stools are an extra surface to place your jewelry/glasses while you hop in the shower.

Finally, the shower curtain, rug, and hand soap add a little interest in a room with totally neutral, plain-jane tile (plus, that hand soap smells AMAZING).


1 Target Shower Curtain | 2 Wayfair Towel Ladder | 3 CB2 Rubber Coated Black Canister | 4 Etsy Vintage Rug Boutique Bath Mat | 5 Serena & Lily Dip Dyed Stools | 6 Mcgee & Co Murchison-Hume Hand Soap | 7 Serena & Lily Fouta Beach Towel

Please tell me I’m not the only one scrambling to get prepared… Are you doing any updates before guests arrive in your home? 



Classic Kitchen Cabinetry Colors (that aren’t white!)

Any House Hunters fans out there?

It’s seriously one of my favorite shows of all time… reviewing all the options, trying to guess which one they are going to pick, and laughing at some of the ridiculous requirements are all part of the fun.

One of the requirements that I feel like has come up a lot lately is a “white kitchen.” Now don’t get me wrong… I LOVE white. Have you seen my Instagram or my Pinterest? But I also have lots of love for other colors, too, especially when they are classic!  There are so many good examples (and great paint colors) out there, so why not see beyond the white?


Image Sources | 1 | 23 | 4 |Featured Image



3 Dreamy Dining Rooms (and how to make them a reality!)

With Thanksgiving coming up quick, I’ve had dining rooms on the brain! We live in a cozy one-bedroom apartment that actually does have a dining nook carved out, but it’s currently functioning as my office space, which right now is a priority for us.

All that being said, of course, I still dream of a day when I can have my entire family or my friends sitting around a big dining room table to enjoy each other’s company for a meal (even if that meal is on a random Tuesday night and not a “special” occasion). There is just something about a dining room that really makes a house feel like a home… especially when it’s as lovely as these rooms! I’d happily transfer any of them into my future space.

First up is a beautiful rustic dining room with modern touches. I love how bright and beachy this space feels! The trick here is mixing woods effectively, which Caroline and Anna did really well.

Design by Caroline Kilmartin & Anna Rytka. Photo by Dustylu.


Dining Rooms

Light | Chair | Art | Rug | Table


Next is Diana’s (from 204 Park) eclectic mid-century modern space. The contrast of the rug against the dark walls really makes this room pop!

204 Park Dining Room
Design by 204 Park. Photo by Tracey Jazmin.

Dining Rooms 2

Light | Chair | Table | Rug | Plant


Finally, we have the “California cool” style of this lovely room by Amber Interiors. This space has the perfect mix of colors, textures, and metals.

Amber Interiors Dining Room
Design by Amber Interiors

Dining Rooms 3.jpg

Light | Chair | Table | Rug | Vase


Which one is your favorite? Anyone getting ready to host a big Thanksgiving dinner (or late lunch, in my family’s case)?


A Neutral Bedroom | The Plan

This gorgeous neutral bedroom is by Danielle Moss. Her entire Chicago condo is a huge inspiration for me. She knows how to mix modern and traditional in a way that creates interest and just really works. Go check out her blog!

We’ve been settled into our new apartment for about 6 months now (which is just crazy to me… 2017 has been the fastest year of my life!), and I feel like it’s finally time to get our bedroom finalized.

We’ve already purchased this bed from the post last week. It was not the most expensive one on the list because we’re still in an apartment and don’t want to invest too much in something that won’t work for us long term. That being said, for the price I’m 100% happy with the quality. Getting a bed has made me feel like an adult… forget the 401K, it’s all about the bed!

Next steps are going to include just about everything else. Functionally we need side tables, and aesthetically we need art, new throw pillows, and potentially a rug. I am also considering purchasing a new dresser, because the one we have feels a little too large for the room.

Everything showing here is a tentative plan… I’m still working through the details, and I can’t wait to see how it comes together! Anyone else doing some work around the home? I would love to hear about your plans!


1 Minted Pushed Limited Edition Art | 2 Minted Daze Art | 3 Minted Pines Art | 4 Structube Clancy Bed | 5 World Market Brass Nook Pivot Wall Sconce | 6 AllModern Lansdown Side Table | 7 Loloi Journey Rug | 8 Danielle Oakey Shop Pom Throw | 9 Target Decorative Brass Mirror | 10 Wayfair Gravity Dresser | 11 Ikea Pillows | 12 Etsy Lalet Design Velvet Pillows